Monday, July 20, 2015

Rainier Warming Ice Melting Project Progress

So far we've had a few updates to the site. Here's a brief sample:

  • New $12 level Reward with HD Video Download
  • New Free Shipping with Limited Edition T-Shirts
  • Sponsorships with banners, flags, logos, whatever prominent in the video and credits.

We had an offer from a friend in the PNW who offered to hang with us on our climb and carry camera or radio or whatever. Really cool offer, and I explained our itinerary and told them to think about it.

Charles Miske and Todd Gilles atop Mount Olympus overlooking Salt Lake City on a training hike

Check out the sweet video

I dug up a video from a contest last year, with Todd Gilles and I climbing and training. It was a blast to produce. Check it out on the link in this Facebook Post:

Todd and I are still looking to do this project on Rainier in a few weeks. Check out this video we made for a Grand...
Posted by Seven Summits Quest on Sunday, July 19, 2015