Sunday, November 15, 2015

Purificup Water Filter Surprise Package

[originally published 05-16-2013]
Trekking to Carstensz Base Camp last month I managed to keep clean pure water with my Purificup Water Filter. The river water was full of silt and plant pieces. It was cloudy and I was really glad to have my water filter with. I've used it now on Elbrus, Aconcagua, Orizaba, and Carstensz. I've used my Purificup Water Filter in hotels, in tents, in huts, out in the open. Alongside rivers and creeks and pipes sticking out of the ground. On Aconcagua you scoop your water out of barrels that allow the mineral sediment to settle out to a thick sludge at the bottom.
Purificup Water Filter prepared for Carstensz
Getting the Purificup Water Filter ready for Carstensz on April 16
On the trek to Carstensz, the river water was so thick and cloudy, and I was drinking five to six liters a day of purified water. I managed to go through two filter cartridges, though I think I could have gotten a few more days out of the second cartridge in my Purificup Water Filter. I've discovered that even when clogged up, if you let it dry for a couple days then shake it, like in the instructions, you can safely get another few liters out of it.

Purificup Water Filter Surprise Package Contents

Purificup Water Filter Surprise Package
Purificup Water Filter Surprise Package
After my trip to Carstensz, recovering from my torn cartilage and intercostal muscles, I was talking to my good friends at Purificup and they wanted to congratulate me for a job well done, in spite of great physical pain and adversity and setbacks. One of the toughest climbs in the Seven Summits. Finished.
"I feel the weight of all my failures fall off my shoulders. My second in the Seven Summits. One of the most difficult, technically and logistically. I'm so glad I let myself get talked into doing this now, this year, this season." -- Carstensz Stone Age to Iron Age (publishing May 2013)
A few days later a box appeared on my porch. I opened it up, and was surprised to see a brand new Purificup Water Filter. Thanks guys. I will totally need this for my next big adventure. I've come to rely on it.
Purificup Water Filter being used while hiking
Purificup Water Filter making water on the trail