Monday, December 14, 2015

Couch to Colorado 14er via Subscription?

Who wants me to bring this program back for the New Year 2016?

[originally posted 2014]

Now Opening a Second Cycle.

We have the first wave or participants well on their way to achieving their dreams. Enroll now and see if you can catch up!

Tested by Guinea Pigs!

I’ve been working on “Couch to Colorado 14er” for nearly two years under different titles and with slightly different concepts. I put it up a free rough draft on my Seven Summits Body Blog HERE and got over 100 downloads. I then polled those who downloaded, read, and tested the program for suggestions and other things the rough draft was missing.
Couch to Colorado 14er Ad Copy
Couch to Colorado 14er Ad Copy

I searched for all the tools you need

Last Fall and Winter I spent several months working on updating it with all of the new changes from my Guinea Pigs. .I did an amazing amount of research into competitive programs on Google, Bing, and Amazon. I compared books, program manuals, videos and virtual training programs. I wanted this to beTHE ONE PROGRAM YOU NEED.
Couch to Colorado 14er Ad Copy
Couch to Colorado 14er Ad Copy

My biggest training manual yet!

It looks like it will easily be around 300 pages in the final print form. Based on the printing and distribution costs I would need to charge around $40 for the print edition and $12 for the Kindle version.
I would be happy to do that, but got to thinking that if I were to sell it myself I could offer even more than I could with the limited Kindle and paperback format and sell it as a subscription to a bi-weekly email with:
  • training programs
  • video instruction
  • photo illustration
  • question and answer guide
This is the best way to fully serve the needs of those who will be training this Summer 2014 to climb a mountain or take a big hike and fulfill their dreams.
What You Get for Subscribing:
  • 10+ Emails over a 20 week period
  • Chart with Training Goals for each 2 week period
  • Weight Training and Cardio Training Tasks Explained
  • Photo Illustration of Each Workout
  • Video Instruction for Hiking, Packing, and Training
  • I’ll answer the Questions You Send In
All of that for 20 weeks – nearly half a year – for only $40. The price of the paperback edition but with so much more than any paperback can give you.
If you’re subscribing to the 2nd Wave you’ll get a few of the earlier emails combined into one.
Mount Rainier Crevasse
Face Your Fears – Crevasse on Mount Rainier

Subscribe Now for Only $30 – Until June 30 Only!

  • I’m an Amazon Author with 6 5-star Books since February 2012.
  • I’ve written hundreds of blog posts on my own and other blogs.
  • I wrote, produced and edited commercials
  • I wrote for a regional health magazine
  • My remote training clients range from telecommuting moms to sports professionals
  • I’ve personally tested all of my training and nutrition programs
You can rest assured this is a quality product at a great price. My promise is to give you the training you need to achieve your hiking and trekking goals this year.