Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PurifiCup Preparation Before Use

I received my PurifiCup Portable Water Filter and actually read the instructions. First step after unpacking is to wash the parts in soap and water and rinse thoroughly. While that’s going on, soak the filter cartridge in water.
After letting the parts drip dry on a paper towel, I reassembled it for use, and as per the instructions ran two containers of water through, presumably to flush any manufacturing dust etc. out of the filter. A quick note about the assembly for using it – you fill the “dirty” water top cup to the fill line, then line it up and stick it down over the top tube of the filter somewhat quickly and strongly and it runs a lot smoother and better.

I dumped the first two containers and then tasted the third. It was pretty good, clean tasting, a lot like distilled water. Here we have some minerals in the water that leave a white stain, and I could taste the absence immediately. I made the video below for this PurifiCup Review, showing one of the first cleaning runs. It took about 1:50 for the water to run through based on watching the video. I then showed packing it back into itself, which took about :20 – I’m sure with practice that could be brought down a bit.
I’ll be taking this PurifiCup to Elbrus, one of the Seven Summits to filter the water there, as I had contracted water-borne illness that stopped me from completing my climb the last time I was there in 2010.