Sunday, December 6, 2015

PurifiCup Usage Recommendations

[originally posted Aug 2012]

Shortly after my last blog post, PurifiCup [website] sent a message to me with a couple of images and some further instruction regarding properly and safely storing the unit while backpacking.
One tip we like to share, when using PurfiCup from the Natural water sources to avoid any chances of contamination. Please see attached 2 images with notations, when using the Cup in between your trips, it should be pack this way to avoid untreated water to contaminate your “Sealed drinking Cup” . (see pictures) and below:
1. Design: Pease see attached Images (A & B), the smaller cup which collects the Filtered Clean water with a Seal cap to be carried. By design, the filter Housing does Not screw on the Drinking Cup; As you can see by-design the filter housing only screws into the Larger cup (the one you use to Scoop un-treated dirty water). Our engineers had already thought of such issue that’s why the design does not allow you to Screw the Filter housing to the Drinking Cup. PurifiCup is designed for user to obtain drinking water and Store water as you would as a Bottle.
2. Recommendations: For the users that may want to pack the PurifiCup back into single unit right after each use. Our suggestion is to Shake off the excess water, or rinse off the tip of the housing with clean water. Furthermore, if users are still worry about drops of water been in the cup, We recommend to Run the water thru again to be sure every drop is purified thru the Nano-Silver Membrane.
I messed with it for a bit, and it seems pretty logical and easy enough to do. I usually have a bandanna around, so wiping out the inside of the “dirty” container would be easy enough to do. I also think it makes as much sense to

Skip the clean bottle …

and just use the bottles you already have. The bottom of the filter cartridge will fit over just about anything I tried (except Blender Bottles) and as an added bonus, there is a threaded tube that fits over just about any regular screw-top narrow-necked bottle.
Here’s a little video I put together quick demonstrating how this works for me.