Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personal Record on Quandary - Fast Ascent and Descent

On Monday, June 25 I went to the Quandary trailhead and boogied up in 1:33, hung out for about ten minutes to eat, drink and take pics, then down in 1:26. It was freaking amazing and I feel great about it. I was wearing my Fuji Racers, and they did really good in all the terrain I was on.

If I were training for Elbrus Race again, I'd call this a really good training session.

My Google Earth KMZ file for this run:

Correction: I have discovered that although the fastest ascent time previously was 1:35, which doesn't affect this 1:33 ascent, my fastest previous descent time was 1:10, so this is not a descent record.
I did stop a few times to talk to people on the way down, but admittedly not 16 minutes worth, so alas, I'll have to work harder next time.

Above is the elevation profile for this run from Google Earth. I have a few other thoughts, a map, and a photo at my other Blog Here

Fast Hike of Horseshoe Basin in Colorado

On Saturday, June 23, I went up from the Peru Creek parking West of Montezuma Colorado, and did most of this run/walk. It was a 15 mile round trip hike in just under 6 hours. The section above Gray's Lake (about mile 7) was very technical and not really good for my running shoes. Really slow going up and then back down to about mile 9. Overall an excellent training hike for moving fast on dirt, gravel and rocks.

Picture with Gray's Peak above me showing hard ground to left ridge.

This is the Google Earth track from my hike.

Look on my other Blog Here for more details.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Half Dome Ascent in Google Earth

This is from my recent ascent with a friend of the Cables Route on Half Dome - this is a classic Yosemite climb. I did most of my writing about it on my other Blog Here.