Thursday, August 29, 2013

New 8000 meter peaks?

I guess Nepal has finally let the cat out of the bag and revealed several new 8000 meter peaks you can buy permits for. I think this article said there will be 5 to start with, and "many" of them have summits "way above 26,000'"

As far as I know there are 14 recognized 8000 meter peaks. I'm curious where these have been hiding and if the 14x8km climbers will have to come out of retirement.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Standing at the Equator - November 2008

I went with Mountain Madness for an Ecuador Volcano Climb. We went to the Equator museums and displays and had a great fun day as part of the acclimatization process. We climbed Illiniza Norte and Illiniza Sur, but when we went to do Antisana found conditions to be too dangerous with heavy slab over loose hoar so we didn't climb it. Sur was my high altitude mark at 17,218'