Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Relaxing at Elbrus Race 2013

In my book about Elbrus Race 2013 [more info] I talked about how we relaxed on our rest days by hanging out at the huts and talking and eating and drinking. One of my good friends that I met there, Svetlana, who is mentioned numerous times in the book, sent me this pic that totally sums up the feeling at the Barrels on Elbrus while resting and recovering from our runs.

Kilian Jornet resing with a hot drink at the Snowcat Graveyard
This was one of my favorite books to write about one of my favorite times on a mountain with good friends and fellow competitors. I'll be going back next year with my teammates Todd Gilles and Jen Hamilton. Check out our training progress at ElbrusRaceTeam on Blogspot.