Monday, July 20, 2015

Rainier Warming Ice Melting Project Progress

So far we've had a few updates to the site. Here's a brief sample:

  • New $12 level Reward with HD Video Download
  • New Free Shipping with Limited Edition T-Shirts
  • Sponsorships with banners, flags, logos, whatever prominent in the video and credits.

We had an offer from a friend in the PNW who offered to hang with us on our climb and carry camera or radio or whatever. Really cool offer, and I explained our itinerary and told them to think about it.

Charles Miske and Todd Gilles atop Mount Olympus overlooking Salt Lake City on a training hike

Check out the sweet video

I dug up a video from a contest last year, with Todd Gilles and I climbing and training. It was a blast to produce. Check it out on the link in this Facebook Post:

Todd and I are still looking to do this project on Rainier in a few weeks. Check out this video we made for a Grand...
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Are The Glaciers Disappearing on Mount Rainier?

I've been up Mount Rainier to the summit twice and to Camp Muir several times. Like maybe a dozen or so. It's a great training run for skyrunning events like Elbrus Race [STORY HERE]. With that in mind, I've been watching the relatively quick decline of the conditions there. I recently had the opportunity to be a co-leader in a group expedition of Mount Rainier via the Emmons Route. I was shocked at how little snow there was at Camp Schurman. I was there June 24 of 2009, and then again June 16-19 of this year, 2015.

Camp Schurman, June 2009
Camp Schurman, June 2015

The photos don't quite do it justice. The snow is definitely a good 10' or so down the ridge from where it was six years ago. I was disoriented at how little snow there was. When I was there in 2009 you could glissade unroped down the Interglacier. Now it's got gaping crevasses and requires ropes for the approximate 3/4 mile below Steamboat Prow. In fact a lot of groups were doing the 4th Class climb up and over the prow to avoid it.

As a group leader I didn't want to take the extra time out to accurately document my feelings and the reality of the autumnal conditions. When I returned to civilization I got in touch with my climbing partner Todd Gilles and we came up with a plan to return and part of that plan was to produce a documentary short to reveal the truth about the rapidly shortening climbing season on Rainier.

Myself, Kilian Jornet, and Todd Gilles at Elbrus Race 2013
Our plan is to go back in early August to see if the conditions would be more like late September or even worse. We plan to take a lot of photos and videos and produce a short video, maybe 20-30 minutes, showing how the late summer climbing trip on Rainier has been impacted by the changing climatic conditions on Rainier.

One issue I feel that's important here is that lots of people can be in denial about conditions on Kilimanjaro or the Himalaya. It's much more difficult to be in denial about a huge iconic mountain in the backyard of a major metropolis here in the US.

Give us a hand and help us to get the word out. Help us to get this finished. Together we can make a difference.