Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elbrus Video Uploaded

I put a video up from Elbrus in May of 2010. This is riding the snowcat from the top of the gondola to the barrels huts at about 12,300', the base camp for Elbrus. Short, but it's all I have on video from that trip. I'll be sure to get more and better on my next trip ;)

This was shot on my Creative VADO HD It's small, light, simple to use, has a tripod threaded base, recharges via USB on my Goal0 Sherpa50 (that I recharged at the barrels with my Nomad13 solar panel folding array). As a Goal0 Elite Team Athlete I got to be one of the first in the field with the newer smaller solar panel system. It worked great in the clear high altitude sunlight.