Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Seven Summits Quest Series on Amazon

The Seven Summits Quest Series on Amazon has been a persistently good seller from among all my books since I published the first one, Elbrus, My Waterloo.

Seven Summits Quest Series Click to check it out on Amazon.

Note that the book "Die Trying" by Bo Parfet comes up in this search. This book was instrumental in my decision to pursue the Seven Summits Quest and name my series. His experiences on Carstensz foreshadowed mine in several details.

Here are a few of the many 5-Star reviews:

I love the way this author writes! I suspect he keeps people in stitches and on the edge of their seats when he relates his adventures in real life. I love how he can be wry and make fun of things all while being serious and sharing real information. -- Orizaba

An unbelievable account that had me giggling, gasping, and in awe over what Mr. Miske went through. He made it easy to read for someone who knows absolutely nothing about climbing, I appreciated that. (Although I had to Google what "scree" was. Haha) Britney Spears makes an appearance, also some witty commentary that made me just shake my head at what life is like over there. Holy snot! It's an amazing story. Finished it in one sitting while sacrificing sleep. I had to see him home and safe first. :) -- Carstensz

This is really an excellent and enjoyable read. It's a detailed account of the author's attempt at climbing one of the Seven Summits. It's easier to write about one's successes but not always easy to put your failures out there for the world to see. The main point, I believe, is that "failure" isn't necessarily a bad thing. He didn't summit, but he got to experience things that the other 99% of us only dream about. Its pretty remarkable. Recommended for anyone who is considering taking on a mountain of this proportion, there is a lot of useful tidbits in there. Look forward to seeing "Owning Elbrus" from this author someday. -- Elbrus, My Waterloo

I read this an immediately turned around and had my pre-teen boys read it as well. Interspersed with the adventure itself are some great survival in the cold techniques that will make their Klondike outing with the scouts safer. I love that the author chases his dreams with a passion and shared the experience with a friend who was kind of a newbie at this. Their friendship also transpires through the book. -- Elbrus Race 2013

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Seven Summits Quest - Volume 5 - South America - Kickstarter Trailer from Charles Miske on Vimeo.