Monday, August 31, 2015

Carstensz Pyramid Helicopter vs Trekking Advantages

Advantages to using the Helicopter to Climb Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid by Helicopter. The fastest easiest way logistically to climb Puncak Jaya

No trek through the jungle

This allows you to avoid roadblocks and other types of slowdowns on the trail. This helps preserve your health and fitness without days of slogging in the wet and muddy trail. This increases the chances of making your flight out on time. This helps you avoid some evacuation issues in case of emergency - a helicopter is coming for your return in just a few days. You also don't need to bring a lot of rain and mud gear.

Reduced time for your trip

This allows you to climb Carstensz Pyramid in only a little over a week. With proper flight planning you can use up two weekends around a week and still make it to work on Monday or Tuesday. It's the easiest way to schedule in this amazing climb.


Carstensz Summit of Puncak Jaya

You miss the trek through the jungle

I enjoyed mine. I've never seen such amazing scenery up close and personal. It was a wonderful experience and I'm glad I took it, in spite of the mud and non-stop rain.

You don't get to acclimatize

Trekking to basecamp at 14,000' helps you to acclimatize. If you're not in good physical condition you might consider the trek will either build you up or wear you down. You have to know for yourself. You will have a couple of acclimatization days at basecamp, but some need more time.

It's expensive

It easily almost doubles the price of Carstensz. Flying a helicopter in this wild rugged remote section of the world is risky for the pilot and owner, so it's expensive.

Making the choice

If you want some help in making the right choice, fill out this form HERE and I'll call you and we can talk about it. I can help you make the choice that fits your needs.

Coming Soon

Right now there is a helicopter Carstensz Climb scheduled for November 10th and the price is low enough I can't post it here. Fill out THIS FORM and I can call you and let's talk about it. It needs to be booked before October 1 to ensure your spot in the group. It will fill up fast at this price.

Lake Basecamp at Carstensz Pyramid