Friday, January 22, 2010

Kilimanjaro 2010 Day Four

Sortof crawled out of the frozen tent at 6 AM after the fun night, and left the bottles out for the porters to fill, minus the platypus, which I filled myself after establishing the opening was too complicated for them to deal with, and by some odd chance, they managed to pick up my half filled pee bottle and topped it off for me. Thanks. I dumped it quietly and stuffed it in my duffel.

We got moving up the trail leading over the Baranco Wall, which was a lot of fun with some interesting rocky moves and the best was watching the porters carry stuff singing and chanting to one another along the trail.

Short day, only going to Karanga Camp, a midway camp before the final camp at Barafu, and the last with easy water. The day switched back and forth between dry and misty a few times, but it allowed us to dry out on our last full night before the summit attempt.

We got into Karanga Camp for a late lunch, and got our stuff spread out to dry.

Matt wasn't too keen on eating, but the rest of us were loving the food here tonight including "chips" or fries as we say here in the States.

We settled in for bed intent on catching up our strength for the next day, also a short one as we go only to Barafu Camp for another late lunch.