Friday, January 15, 2010

Kilimanjaro 2010 Day Zero

Arrived via KLM to JRO (Arusha Kilimanjaro Airport), made the mistake (as warned on net) of getting in the wrong line (if you do not have a visa you need to look around for a not-so-obvious window). Baggage pickup easy. Easy to find the driver for Zara.

Driving trip long and eventful. Had to stop for an accident (car in deep ditch along road) and pick up a piece of luggage and take it to hotel. Co-passenger was a Russian from Seattle doing the private Machame starting in two days (was a fallback option if Amsterdam flight delays put me behind).

Got to the Springlands Hotel in Moshi about 11 PM. They gave me a 1.5l water bottle (cold) and a sandwich. I was nervous about the malaria warnings Dr. Hale of University of Utah Travel Clinic, so I put down the net, dumped my stuff on the other bed, and settled down for a fitful 5 hours of sleep.

Travel Tips:
This was before the amazing Mythbusters Exploding Undie Trick in Detroit, so getting through AMS (Amsterdam) was very easy and quick. For a while at least, this should not be the case. Most concession stores at AMS use $US quick and simple. Sports drinks are available, but have nearly 1/10 the concentration for most ingredients. If you want to get chocolate for your trek, this is THE PLACE! As of this posting date, at many of the concessions you can get drinks to take on board if you follow the rules exactly. There are showers and nap rooms available. Drinking fountains are available, but not obvious. Rest rooms might be "open door" and have female attendants.