Friday, March 27, 2015

Quandary Winter Ascent Photos

I've done Quandary quite a few times this past winter. That's 14,265' Quandary, near Breckenridge Colorado. It's a Fourteener, and the trailhead access is really good most of the winter, so it's easy to get to, park and take off running. At least most of the time it's pretty fast hiking, or skyrunning, a sport of vertical ascents in rough conditions on steep mountain terrain.

I train here for much of my other mountain endeavors, including a possible attempt at Elbrus Race 2015. The photos that follow are from August 2014 to this week, and include various views, including trailheads, weather, goats, and feet.

Most of these are on the East Ridge Route, but one is from the Cristo Couloir. One is from an overnight on the summit. I got a few PR's recently on the Winter Route - articles HERE and HERE