Friday, April 22, 2011

Before Denali: 10 days to Anchorage

In 10 days I'll be flying in to Anchorage. Last night I fit my Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons to my Lowa 8000 Meter boots, and experimented with sock combinations with various insoles. I'm heading to Colorado to test them this weekend.

I went climbing with a friend, toproping at Rock Canyon by Provo, Utah. We did laps on a 5.7 - first time I've climbed outside on rock in about a year. Last time was on lovely granite up Boulder Canyon. Ahh, Rock Canyon crud ... photo below is Ryan just clearing the 2nd "crux".

I actually prefer the Draper Red Rock for lapping. Might get that in yet this week.

This past week I did two 5k running tests. First one was at 31:55 and the second at 29:00. I'm not a runner. I run because it gets my heart rate up. I'm feeling kind of tired now, so I'll be cutting back on my training just a bit to reload/refresh before I head out.

I'll try to put some more up here as I get stuff done.