Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Before Denali: 5 days to Anchorage

Today was mostly making stuff smooth at work, getting backup infrastructure in place, giving direction for the next month for my absence. After work I hooked up with Ryan again and we climbed at The Draper Red Rock in between some scouts, and a guy toprope solo'ing the 5.7. I asked about his rig in comparison to mine, and he was happy enough with his.

We did the 5.8, both in the crack and on the face, and Ryan worked the thin and sloper 9 up to the large horizontal crack and I worked the 10a, making it over the first bulge and over into the same cra
At home I messed with my boots some more. Why oh why can't I feel happy with my boots and socks? Maybe because in the past it's been so painful for me? Because between losing 50 lb and running a lot, and rock and ice climbing my feet are a pitiful mess?

I got all the pointy bits laid out from last night, and got my down parka stuffed in a sack - maybe I need a couple more compression sacks. Sorted out my harness, and emailed the other guys.

Todd of Mountaintrip responded right back that guide Sebastian broke his collar bone and will not join us. We'll be taking Sean McNamany instead. Exciting news just before leaving.