Sunday, April 24, 2011

Before Denali: 8 days to Anchorage

Slept in a bit, even though it's Easter Morning (thanks kids!). Had some Easter Candy, an egg/cream cheese/bagel thin sandwich and a bowl of bran flakes with craisins for breakfast.

My good friend Ann, who is doing Denali West Buttress in June with IMG/AMS told me that after all my hard training this should be my taper week, in which I eat "Pizza and Ice Cream every day" and stop working out. Not sure if I'm the kind of person who does that ???

Today is total rest day and returning to work in Utah for this last week, to get them set up and ready to function in my absence. Longest time away from work yet in one chunk of time (assuming the longest scheduled time for the trip - if we end a week early I'll be tied with the previous time off record).

I'll be hanging with the family for a short bit, then off I go. Tomorrow morning will be a light workout, as I have a physical in the morning, and a good workout messes up your chemistry in case they do blood work.

Only 8 days to Anchorage on the way to the Denali Northwest Buttress expedition.